How does the Wedding Photography/ DJ Package Work?

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First of all, to clarify, I am the photographer and my husband, Dave, is the DJ…a few people have asked whether I transform, Superman style, into the DJ for the evening reception and the answer is a definite NO!! 😉 Also, it is worth mentioning straight away that Dave is the resident DJ at a local bar, and he has plenty of bookings from his own website ( so the chances are he probably will not even be available for your wedding if it is this year. However, as weddings are often booked a year or so in advance then this means that usually you would be able to book the two of us together, if you are getting married next year, or beyond.

I met Dave in Ibiza nearly 20 years ago, when he was DJing out there and I was on holiday with friends. A holiday romance turned into a long friendship, which turned into a relationship and then babies, marriage and what is turning out to be a lifetime of happiness with my true love and best friend! Now I know this is all very lovely and romantic but you may be wondering how this applies to the choice of DJ that you make for your wedding day? Well, I have a few reasons, listed below, but I must say that from my photographer’s perspective it doesn’t really affect me at all who you choose for your evening entertainment! I just try to be as clear as possible with everything on my website, and as there is only a line or two dedicated to the Wedding Photography/ DJ Package I thought I would expand further here (and also it is quite a unique blog subject to write about! ;))

Okay, reasons to choose Divine Disco for your evening entertainment:

  1. Dave is a brilliant DJ. Now you’re probably thinking that obviously I would say that, but honestly the opposite is true! I love my husband to bits but there is no way that I would be associated with him professionally if he wasn’t amazing at what he does!


  1. A personal recommendation is always better when it comes to choosing a DJ as you simply cannot know what they are like until the day itself, unlike the photography, where you can clearly see the kinds of photos you will be receiving.


  1. I know that everybody loves music, but he really does love all different types and genres; he listens to full albums ranging from fifties jazz to nu soul and funky house, yet loves modern stuff too…he is always drumming along to something or Shazaming tunes off the tv or when we are out shopping, and he has a database with over 50,000 tracks which keeps growing every week as he downloads the latest tunes and anything else he has heard during the week which he likes.


  1. He really wants everybody to have a brilliant night and he is constantly reading the dancefloor and thinking about what song will work next…if the dancefloor is rocking he’s a very happy man! Plus, he’s a really lovely guy and is more than happy to take requests before and on the night itself.


  1. He has been DJing now for around 25 years, with over 200 weddings in the last 4 years alone, and music really is his passion (after me of course!). I think that level of experience and commitment to his craft really does shine through in his work, and speaking of shining through, he has an absolutely gorgeous set-up, (which looks nothing like the average ugly scaffolding type rig….photos on with a bespoke console panel and light boxes, along with a big shiny disco ball! Need I say more!! 😉

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