Reasons to be Cheerful…1,2,3!

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My computer guy advised me that I should write and publish a weekly blog so that potential clients can learn a little more about me and also so that Google can see that my website is current and frequently updated. … Continued

Wedding Photos in the rain

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We live in a country where even a short term weather forecast can be completely wrong, but even so, I always check the weather a few days before a shoot, just to start thinking about a possible plan. This weekend … Continued

Wedding Speeches

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I have seen, and of course heard, literally hundreds of wedding speeches now, and they are always such a fantastic part of the day, from both a photographers and a guests perspective. Traditionally, the speeches would be held after the … Continued

Children at Weddings

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This week I have met with two different couples who had two very different views on whether children should be invited to weddings. One couple were having an adult only day, where the guests could pack their small people off, … Continued

Wedding Music

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Last week I met with a lovely couple who are really looking forward to their wedding in the spring at Manchester Town Hall, and, being music lovers, they are particularly looking forward to having a saxophonist playing live music at … Continued

Bridal Preparations

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I was photographing a wedding this weekend with a bride who was super confident with her body (and with good reason!). J had seen and commented on a photograph on my Facebook page, which showed a lovely bride in the … Continued

A very practical artist?

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A Very Practical Artist? Last week at a wedding in the centre of Manchester, I had to park my car in an NCP car park as the hotel didn’t have on site or street parking. I can usually nip to … Continued

Wedding Plans for 2017

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Although people get married at all different times of year, my quietest months for actually photographing weddings have always been January and February. There are always the odd few who like to buck this trend and embrace a winter wedding; … Continued

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