Every day’s a school day.

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I was thinking yesterday that even though I had plenty of wedding bookings in both May and June, my email enquiries were definitely quieter than usual, particularly for this time of year. I have clients that contact me through social media and clients that contact me because of a lovely personal recommendation, but usually people find my website on Google and contact me directly from there.

I’m always trying to improve myself and my business, whether that involves updating my website or designing a new sample album or planning a wedding fayre, and so this week I’ve been looking at my website load times and how to improve them. Obviously, as a photographer, my website needs to be very image heavy, but the text can apparently also be zipped and this can make the end user experience much better. Anyhow, I was snooping around in the admin area at the back end of my website when I saw a section called “emails” and decided to have a quick look. Now, bearing in mind that I used to have a contact form on my website where clients could fill in their details and check availability, you can imagine my utter horror when I discovered that the contact form was broken…and the last email I received from a potential client was nearly 2 months ago! This means that I have missed 2 months worth of enquiries, and not only that, anybody who has tried to contact me must think that I’m just plain rude by not responding to their message! I have managed to email most of the couples in question, and I hope that they understand that I genuinely had no idea of what had happened until yesterday! Nightmare!

I have beaten myself up quite a bit for being such a fool, but in hindsight this was down to a technical error and I couldn’t have prevented it from happening. Moving on, I have removed the contact form and replaced it with my contact details. Live it, learn it, and move forward, because after all, every day’s a school day!! 😉

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