Wedding Music

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Last week I met with a lovely couple who are really looking forward to their wedding in the spring at Manchester Town Hall, and, being music lovers, they are particularly looking forward to having a saxophonist playing live music at … Continued

Bridal Preparations

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I was photographing a wedding this weekend with a bride who was super confident with her body (and with good reason!). J had seen and commented on a photograph on my Facebook page, which showed a lovely bride in the … Continued

A very practical artist?

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A Very Practical Artist? Last week at a wedding in the centre of Manchester, I had to park my car in an NCP car park as the hotel didn’t have on site or street parking. I can usually nip to … Continued

Wedding Plans for 2017

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Although people get married at all different times of year, my quietest months for actually photographing weddings have always been January and February. There are always the odd few who like to buck this trend and embrace a winter wedding; … Continued

Top ten magical moments of 2016 – Part 1

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I have the honour and the privilege to capture through my photography some of the most magical moments of a couple’s wedding day, and still, somehow, as if this wasn’t enough, there are also sometimes extra memorable moments, which really … Continued

Winter Weddings

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It’s the time of year when some people are looking forward to gathering their friends and family for a wonderful celebration, often involving a delicious meal, special clothes and even gifts for some….and of course, as if you hadn’t guessed, … Continued

The Digital Imaging Show

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Yesterday I attended the Digital Imaging Show in sunny Widnes, and I was treated to a day with fellow photography boffins, along with talks from some of the industry’s leading figures and a chance to check out some new album … Continued

Social Mediarrrrrgggghhhh!!

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Like most businesses these days, I have an online presence which allows clients to find me and then to research whether I am any good or not! For the most part, keeping on top of social media is not particularly … Continued

The importance of good posture.

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I have been thinking about what makes a really good wedding photograph, and along with the light, and the skill of the camera operator, I think that posture has to be included as one of the absolute essential elements of … Continued

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