Cheshire Wedding Photographer – Lisa Cowen

Hello and welcome to my wedding photography website. My name is Lisa Cowen and I am a full time professional photographer based in Congleton, Cheshire. I have been fortunate enough to capture more than 300 weddings so far all over the North West and beyond, and every day has genuinely been completely different, and so very beautiful, in its own unique way.

You may have just begun to search for a wedding photographer, or you may have visited many websites. My advice to you would be to make your decision, first and foremost, based on a genuine appreciation of the photographs that you see. Package prices and album options can make the whole experience quite daunting, especially given that choosing the right photographer really is one of the most important decisions that you will make, which is why I try to be as clear as possible on my website.

I believe a wedding day naturally lends itself to being captured using a variety of photographic styles. I like to use a natural, photojournalistic style for a large part of the day, which ensures that you can look back and remember how incredible your day actually was, as it really does fly by so quickly! Some beautiful couples shots are absolutely essential, and I am very experienced in working with all different types of personalities, lighting, weather etc,  which enables me to create the best possible images, and I find that most people like some classic family group photos and plenty of creative photographs showing the incredible details of their day.

Please have a look through my website and my photo galleries, and if there is anything that you really like, or anything that you would like to discuss, feel free to contact me, using the details on my contact page.

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